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I would have gone to these events just for this band lol

Relating to recent topics, please don’t do this…

Does anyone know more of these?

Just putting this over here:


Hopefully some certain people @Tom @harry-cpp @Jjagg @KonajuGames @kosmonautgames and a few others take a gander…

And for future reference:

This book is a must-have for anyone serious about rendering in real time. With the announcement of new ray tracing APIs and hardware to support them, developers can easily create real-time applications with ray tracing as a core component. As ray tracing on the GPU becomes faster, it will play a more central role in real-time rendering. Ray Tracing Gems provides key building blocks for developers of games, architectural applications, visualizations, and more. Experts in rendering share their knowledge by explaining everything from nitty-gritty techniques that will improve any ray tracer to mastery of the new capabilities of current and future hardware.
What you’ll learn: The latest ray tracing techniques for developing real-time applications in multiple domains
Guidance, advice, and best practices for rendering applications with Microsoft DirectX Raytracing (DXR)
How to implement high-performance graphics for interactive visualizations, games, simulations, and more

Who this book is for:Developers who are looking to leverage the latest APIs and GPU technology for real-time rendering and ray tracing
Students looking to learn about best practices in these areas
Enthusiasts who want to understand and experiment with their new GPUs


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Crew Dragon 1

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You really need to jump on discord with all those videos and memes
Your like the only one not on there mr valentine.

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ahahaha, can’t keep up with that feed

Its more like a realtime chat forum.

That’s kinda the issue, trying to stay alive atm and sane, waiting for insurance to pop round before my house collapses in on itself atm :frowning:


Also, packing up everything!


I signed in but honestly cannot make sense of anything, is this a new discord server? I was signed up on one before…

If you’re still interested in benchmark data I have a new laptop. I’m assuming it will be about the same as other NVMe machines.

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Could always update the chart :slight_smile:

Here are my new laptop’s spec and run times:

ASUS VivoBook S15
AMD Ryzen 7 4700U 2.0GHz - 4.1GHz 8 cores/threads
RAM 12GB - 3200MHz
512GB SSD - NVMe Kingston OM8PCP3512F-AB

Debug 7-8 seconds
Release 43-45 seconds

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I will look at updating the benchmark thread later today if I remember where I put the data :slight_smile:


@Synammon Thank you for your contribution, I have added it to both locations :slight_smile: your setup is intriguing and should help users pick out a good laptop there.

Something about this image feels bubbly

Is the xbox creator’s program worth it? I know a lot of MonoGame devs are old-skool XBLIG folk, Creator’s Program seems like it has all the same problems: small marketplace, low visibility, buried on the xbox dashboard, extremely low priority for Microsoft, etc.
The quality bar of “indie games” on consoles is so high now, I don’t think my little games would ever get traction anyway :frowning:

I am going to just be publishing as a standard Store Developer, not part of any programs but I think, when you select Game from the submission list, it asks you to join one, so I am unsure, but stores are not how you get noticed, you must do a gigantic amount of marketing to get noticed by your target audience


And the adage, make something good and they will come, is not valid for Games any longer…

Making it quirky however, but not Developer Art… works… [Eh, OK Among Us is Developer art… ignore that one]

Just bumping this thread to say Happy New Year [2022] to you all!

Hopefully, people notice this thread and post their well wishes here too.

Have a fab year ahead!



:warning: Stupid Question Alert :warning:

Not planning to do it anytime soon, but can you use any MacBook [Such as the Air] to compile a project for the fruit store?

Also, the new M1 models, are they an option for developers to compile for existing models and M1’s? or do you need one of each? [To be frank, I would probably only get the M1 anyway as Apple forces upgrading]

By the time this becomes relevant, iPhones might have M1’s too lol

But thanks for answering, also is it still 100$ £100 per platform per year for Apple? Even if the app is free? [100% Free and Ad-Free]


I am aware of Windows compiling tor ARM-32 / ARM-64

Wish MonoGame was in this song…

Also wish it was on the MG homeoage :sweat_smile:

Another good one:


Another one for you to enjoy✨

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