General Showcase Thread

Ok I have started this thread for just small showcases of any sort, which are cool enough to share with the community, but not large enough to warrant it’s own thread.

I hope that’s alright with everyone :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’ll start here with my new GUI i am working on.
I finally understood how to compile content during runtime, so I will use that in other projects. This is useful for making an editor, for example

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Cool! I’ve seen something like this before in Protogame.

that must be one of the few engines i haven’t seen yet and I thought I’d seen them all. Maybe i was looking for XNA too much

EDIT: The engine says it has a 3d level editor, but I have found no documentation about it, or how to get into any editor. The 2d example provided is the same monogame / xna indiana jones style platformer, but I don’t particularly care about 2d. Either way the documentation let me down in that case, i had no idea how to get to the editor / GUI

Go check it out. It hasn’t had much exposure, but it’s very powerful and offers probably the most features of all MonoGame engine out there.

Alright, I’ll join in!

Here is my (as far, untitled) LizardGame. It’s basically me trying to recapture some of that PSX magic. I’ve had to code out pretty much every aspect of this, from the physics, to most of the animation engine myself), but it’s been a nice hobby for the past few months, and it’s moving forward pretty nicely as far as hobbies go.


cool stuff, looking forward to more progress

Meanwhile I built a proper color picker :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll make a thread about the model loader soon, if i decide to continue making it.


I’d say a model loader would be an EXTREMELY useful thing to MonoGame devs. I kind of have to use a bit of trial and error whenever I load a model in at the moment (no idea how it will look until I load it on an arbitrary object in my game). This would eliminate a lot of those problems.

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An old church a friend of mine made. I made textures in substance painter.
Rendered in my modelviewer.


Do you know how to do triangle picking you should add that :).


I have pixel-accurate picking in my deferred engine, for an editor performance is good enough and implementation is super simple. I simply draw all my meshes again with a unique id and read teh mouse pixel on the cpu to get the mesh id and the mesh.

But in the model viewer i only have one model, what else could i pick? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wazzup Guys ^ _ ^y Nothing fancy here just a development status : Rendering of 1 Million 3D lines @ decent framerates MonoGame is fast : - D

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Just got a Hot Swappable shader system working. This is a debug only system that watches for modified .fx files, and compiles and reloads them at runtime.


Gave you a thumbs up for good choice in music :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love watching Anime Sir Valentine :grin: ( Kenshin Himura fan here ) : - D

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I have integrated Bump mapping (using a heightmap instead of a normal map) and optionally POM into the model viewer. But I’m not sure it is robust enough so I didn’t update the official release yet.


Looks very good. How many triangles does the cube have? If I understand correctly, you modify the vertex positions by using the bump map and applying pom on top? What do you mean by robust enough?

no it’s just pom, the cube has 2x6 triangles

Isn’t pom just an algorithm to modify vertex coordinates? Looks like spom :slight_smile:

No POM is parallax occlusion mapping, it changes the texture coordinates for the pixel shader to give an illusion of depth, it does not affect the vertex shader. That would be displacement mapping

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