Generate tangent frames not working

I have tried using fbx converter to convert to various formats, including wavefront obj, and I always get the following error.

Has anyone come up with a work around?

I have checked the mesh is complete. It has verts, normals, and tex coords so generating tangent frames should work.

Use the Open Asset Import Library not the Fbx Converter.

I use the asset importer, it doesn’t work.

So I tried changing the FBX version using asset converter, still doesn’t work.

So I tried converting to wavefront obj and DAE, still doesn’t work.

Then I remembered I had used the exact same mesh on a different project. I copied the fbx to this project and it worked first time.

The one that works has a FBX file version of 7.3, the same as the one that doesn’t work.

The geometry version is 124 in both.

The problem seems to be that the one that does not work has three layers. Normal, Material, and UV.
The one that does work has Texture,UV, and Material.