gesture wierdness, never get an end drag

does DragComplete ever get called?
Ive got an issue where i always store the last position and use the next one etc to string
into a meaningful gesture.

but when the finger is lifted it never calls DragComplete - so i can’t tell that the finger has been lifted and dropped again.

which causes a ‘jump’ and buggy responses.

What version of MonoGame are you using? We recently made some changes to the touch code and added a bunch of unit tests to help verify correct functionality. If you are using the latest develop branch from GitHub you should report this bug there so we can address it.

I’m using the ‘official’ 3.2 download I believe.

I’m not sure if it was working before - as I wasn’t using it in anger.

My only suggestions would be if this is a Windows 8 app using XAML to be sure there isn’t some XAML control consuming the touch input as that would cause it to not fire.

Short of that we should have a 3.3 release fairly soon if you are uncomfortable with development builds.

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actually its only on iOS that I’ve noticed it - though as my wp8 device is not around atm i cant test it properly other than simulator.

here a poor quality video of the debug outlet

should be visible enough

basically i only get a drag complete event about 50% of the time

@daveleaver - Any ideas?

This is a weird one, I didn’t run in to this bug in the old TouchPanelState code.

I would greatly appreciate if you could test this with the latest develop code @chris_morrison, I’ve refactored the Touch code a bit and added lots of test coverage, so if the bug still exists it should be easy to add a test and track it down :smile:

You could try download the latest dlls from here:!1xyv

I think that would work the same.

Or if you have a small test app that reproduces the issue, upload the code somewhere and I can take a look.

ok will double check versions tomorrow - but i think its latest 3.2.

i think the bug is in all versions its effect is quite minimal on my app, so i didn’t really notice it until someone mentioned it to me.

Ok i quickly tried those before leaving for work
but it moaned about gamer services not being present so wouldn’t build

I’ll disable the gamer services stuff and see if it works
or ill just build a base project.

its just / monogame.Framework.dll i have to replace right?


yes its working perfectly with those new DLL’s
get the DragComplete firing every time.

But as i mentioned earlier it wouldn’t build with the GamerServices, so I’ll have to stick with the 3.2 ones and the small bug for now.


We moved GamerServices and Net into its own assembly… MonoGame.Framework.Net. Just add that reference in addition to MonoGame.Framework.

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Thanks tom, yep i added that and it working :slight_smile:
happy dance