Getting error MSB3073, exiting with code -532462766 DesktopGL Packages Missing

I’m using xml serialization in my game and thought that it was searching the wrong path but then realized that I just hadn’t changed the properties of my content to build correctly in this program. I still had corresponding xnb files for each piece of content in my game (I think because I was building in the content editor?) but once I changed the properties of the png files, the game broke and now, basically, even though it says that I have the necessary monogame packages installed, it doesn’t recognize any of my xna type.

I’ve found some other posts about this particular error but their code was exiting with either 1 or 9009, and both of the solutions that were discussed on those posts were to problems that I don’t have. Mine is exiting with -53246766 . Please help if you can!

Hey @Maxwell_Harris, Welcome to the Community!

Can you screenshot your IDE environment with all Solution Explorer elements expanded?

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Thanks! Glad to be here. And thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate the help!

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I am unfamiliar with Desktop ‘Packages’ and do not do DesktopGL Development, this is new to me, are you doing something with a Dev Build or something?

Hopefully someone can help further.

I will add DesktopGL to your title.


You are the second person to point this issue out today.

I’m just building my tilemap editor in desktopGL and then I’m going to repurpose it to make it portable (still finding the best ways to do this)

If that’s the case, it may have something to do with the recent Visual Studio update, I started getting this error pretty soon after letting the update install.

Just use the NUGET tool to re-add your packages…


I have a tutorial on using it in my latest guide thread.