Getting monogame submodules with SVN

This is a bit of a github question I guess, but I’m trying to get a monogame directory repo working using SVN to work on a pullrequest so I can be able to contribute to the project, and I’m getting a about 142 build errors for “missing namespace AsyncCallbackFlags, AudioBuffer, ClockState, Color4” etc, I looked around a bit and found out I need to get a hold of so called “submodules” from github as they aren’t automatically fetched from the repo.

I’m currently a lot more comfortable using SVN and would like to continue as I use it for other projects, but I can’t find any information on how to fetch these submodules using SVN so I can get my build working. Any help?

git will automatically check these repositories out in the given locations:

(Like svn externals, but they always have pinned versions)

If you svn checkout these repositories and put them in the given locations, that might work.