Getting spriteFactory for monogame extended animations

I have recently been trying to animate sprites using Monogame.Extended.Animations. I got to the point where it told me to get spritefactory, but when I tried to build and run it, it threw me a few errors. I updated the NuGet packages, but one error still persisted.

This is a picture of the error I get sent

Note: I get sent this error no matter how I update the NuGet packages

Please ask me if you would like any more information

The issue is not your nuget packages. The problem is that the content pipeline cannot build your assets in the content.mgcb file. Open the file with the mgcb editor and press build that should give you a detailed error message what asset couldn’t be built and why.

When I try to open the content.mgcb file with the MGCB editor, it just doesn’t open. Nothing appears on task manager or anywhere. When I open the file using other programs it does work.

You could try to create a new file with mgcb-editor or you could try to build the content file using the command line tool to get a detailed error description. See: MonoGame Content Builder (MGCB) | MonoGame

First of all, sorry for the wait on my response. I tried to use the command line and got this error. (If this is just a problem with my syntax or something like that, forgive me. As I said, I’m very new to this)

With some research I was able to find that spritefactory isn’t supported anymore. I hope this helps anyone having the same problem. See link for details Sprite Factory - an open source sprite animation editor - #4 by ManBeardGames