Getting started with latest Development Build

Hi :slightly_smiling:

My purpose is to alwas work with the latest Development Build of Monogame.

So far I found this in the documentation:

I got to the point where I started “Protobuild.exe” and everything worked fine. I got the sln files and so on.

Now what next? How do I get for example the Monogame project templates in Visual Studio like when I install a “normal” release of Monogame?

I’m working on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2012. But as far as I know, Visual Studio 2015 Community can be installed alongside without problems, right?

If you only want to use the latest dev kit, use the link on the download page, under the “development” section :wink:
This is the latest successful build of the develop branch, always up to date.

If you want to modify some parts of the source code of monogame, using the sources with protobuild is the right way. You will then have to add references to the binaries. Concerning the templates, i’ve not used these yet.

Ok, thanks. Didn’t know this possibility existed.

But if I want to always keep up with the development, what is the recommended way of doing so?

My ideas so far:

  1. setup repository and using git pull from time to time. The question with for example using the project templates in visual studio remains with this “idea”

  2. NuGet (did not use NuGet until now, so I don’t know if this is what NuGet is made for ^^)

  3. Install Monogame, so everything is setup automatically. Then make sure, the “Monogame.Framework.dll” from the repository is being used instead. Also use git to always be up to date

Downloading the develop installer (3) each time you see a new entry in pulse under git should be the simplest way to keep the version up to date, and check if the changes concern a feature you were waiting for or of fix etc as long as you dont need to modify monogame’s sources.
This is the method I use.

I dislike nuget (2) so…

Downloading sources from time to time (option 1), updating submodules, lainching protobuild, rebuilding the solution is way slower/bunch of uselesswork for me if not using a tuned version of MG

Thank you, i will then follow your suggestion and use the develop installer, since i don’t need to modify the sources at the moment :slightly_smiling:

My XNA Game is now running in Monogame :slightly_smiling: