Getting Started with MonoGame - Using Pipeline.exe; How does it work?

So, I’m just getting started with MonoGame to build a game. I have some background in XNA (although I’m rather rusty).

My main point of confusion is how the MonoGame Pipeline.exe tool is meant to be integrated with the project. I remember something about having a content project in XNA, is there something similar that needs to be done with the Pipeline tool? I know it saves as .mgcb file type, but have not tested building yet due to confusion with how and where I should be placing my files.

Help would be appreciated in learning this aspect of the framework.
Thanks a ton!

The pipeline tool is used to edit the content project as it is not done in Visual Studio anymore. It can also be used to build the content (it calls MGCB.exe with the mgcb project as an argument). However, if you want behaviour similar to XNA, I recommend my take on automating the content build:

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Interesting! I guess now my question, knowing this, is it as simple as building the content project to a directory under my main project (I’m using VS 2013) and viola I’m done?

Exactly :slight_smile: 20 char limit

Cant wait for this to be implemented into Monogame!

So I’m playing with VS 2013 for the first time. How do you “build the content project to a directory under the main project”?

Is this something like:

Right-click on the solution explorer > Content > open “content.mgcb”…(Which opens pipeline.exe) Edit > add item (which is really just me linking to the content I want loaded from my projects directory)?

Found it, this tool is awesome! Can’t wait to get some more practice using it! Will be reading much more now that I found the documentation.