Getting started

Hello! I’m trying to get started with monogame but it won’t work! I’ve tried using the installer so that i could get the templates but nothing happens after i’ve installed it(the 3.7 since 3.8 has no installer). What can i do?

Hi @MrGK, Welcome to the Community!

It would help if you detailed your setup:

  • What OS you are developing on
  • What target platforms you wish to target
  • What IDE you are using
  • Which install guides [if any] you are following

And for future diagnostics, it would help if you included system specifics such as GPU, CPU, Storage, RAM, etc.

Happy Coding!

I think he has the same problem as many other developers (including myself) who before installed only with a classic installer and not through a command prompt or extensions.

Getting started

Have you tried step-by-step these yet? Or did you just try the templates?
Or has some update to VS come out since then that ruined everything? I don’t know because I haven’t used it in a while…