Getting what type of monogame project is a project ?

When we create a Monogame project in Visual Studio Community 2013, wwe have the choice between several project type.
Type are : Monogame Shared Project, Monogame Windows Project, Monogame Windows Phone 8.1 Project, Monogame Windows 8.1 Universal Project, Monogame Android Project, Monogame Content Pipeline Extension Project, Monogame OUYA Project, Monogame Cross Platform Desktop Project and MOnogame IOS Project.

I want to know how to get the type of Monogame project is an existing project. Where can i fond this infirmation when opening (not creating) a Monogame proejct in Visual Studio ?

In the project’s .csproj file there is a line stating:


Is this what you need?

Oh i think i found it
Yes it should do the trick!
I’ll check that tomorrow :slight_smile:

That is correct, it’s important as the MonoGame content pipeline uses this to determine which platform to build the content for.
However, if you are managing your content project manually and just using XNB’s don’t worry about it.

The other thing you need to watch out for are the Build Constants, these control the preprocessors used by MSBuild when compiling the code. They should impact the dll’s referenced by MG but just to be careful, ensure you have the correct definitions which are set by default by the MonoGame templates.

I am looking at this stuff because apaprently there are templates that can’t be run on Windows 10 64 bits or Windows 7 64 bits. It results on a weird screen scale (like somed in a lot) like here : and usually it is like this :

Only templates that don’t work on Windows (as far as I’m aware) are Mac. Some require Xamarin installed (iOS and Android and some variants).

Although there was some talk a while back about having our own project creation system for MonoGame (like Unity, Unreal,CryEngine and Marmalade do). Don’t know where that got up to.

I never created a project on Mac or for Mac. And people getting the problem are on Windows 10 or 7 64 bits for sure.
If you have Windows 10 64 bits or 7 you can try the game downlaodable here on my site :
But some Windows 10 or 7 user can launch the game without any problem. it is a really annoying and weird issue.

Hmm, if the problem is with some people “running” the game, that is odd. If you are on about people opening up your project, then usually that is caused by not installing the matching version of MG.

It’s about people running the game downloaded from the link i just shared. And it is a version done with DesktopGL template. Maybe it is not the template but the compilation. I have to check that too.

The only issue I’ve seen with OpenGL games is the version of OpenGL / Open AL they have on the client machine.

Try sharing a link to the project here and someone will have a look.

Source is here :
There is a lot of crappy code i think so don’t bother explaining things here, it was a game made for a 72h gamejam (ludum dare 36).

OK, I like easy answers. Only thing actually wrong with your project is all the fonts you have used.
I’m guessing most the devs you have asked to look at this dont have the “Old_Englished_Boots” font installed.

Sprint font’s are not actual fonts, they only reference the tty font’s installed on your machine. My usual recommendation if you are using custom fonts is to include them in the same folder as the spritefont, so that those who don’t have it can install it.

Simple test is to open the Content Project on another machine and just build it with the content project tools and you file the errors.

Not been able to see anything else specifically wrong with your project other than that.

Hope that helps.

Granted the error for “font not found” probably needs some work

Just a font can cause that screen size issue ? I will test with different kind of fonts but if it is the reason, it is really disturbing to me.

Sorry, I wasn’t able to see the screenshots, imgur just says the links are broken.
However I couldn’t build the project because I was missing the fonts, so couldn’t actually run it.

I was responding to your query about sharing the project and the issues you had with that. Not about in-game issues :S Sorry for the confusion