Getting "Windows Protected Your PC" Message Running MonoGame.exe Installation File

I am very familiar with Visual Studio, but a total newbie to MonoGame. My apologies if this issue is already known or not a concern. But, I think it should be considered as it might scare off some people new to MonoGame.

I have Visual Studio installed already. I then went to download the installation exe for MonoGame for Visual Studio from the following page.

---- MonoGame 3.7.1 Release

I chose the latest version shown below.

  • MonoGame 3.7.1 for VisualStudio

I downloaded the “MonoGameSetup.exe” file and then ran it. Windows immediately gave me the warning message shown below. Scroll down for more info.

Having this message pop-up from starting the installation file might scare off people new to MonoGame and\or who just don’t want to take any risk as to why they are getting that message. It sure makes MonoGameSetup.exe “appear” to be a security risk. And actually, it doesn’t even give you an option to continue installing MonoGame on that screen above. So, some people might just click on the only button available on that screen (“Don’t run”) and decide to not proceed thinking there must be something really risky or wrong with this file. A virus detected or something? (“Don’t run” - click)

You actually have to click on the more subtle “More Info” link (in screenshot above) before you are able to proceed with the install. Some people may not realize that and just think that it can’t be installed. When you click on “More Info” you get the screen shown below. (Scroll down for more)

Now we know what the issue is that Windows doesn’t like. No publisher was defined for the file. Well, that is what the window says. It’s actually a little more than that. But, not much more

This link seems to give an overall description of the problem and solution.

So, I don’t know if this issue is already known by the MonoGame developers or not. If already known, then please disregard. But, it seems to me that this might scare off some (newbie especially) potential future MonoGame developers.

  • Todd

Hi @Todd_Albers and welcome to the forums, you got past the first hurdle as a coder there it seems :smile:.

Joking aside, it’s an automated thing as far as I am aware, and done using a console type procedure…

I think just taking one look at the forum would make one be fine with it, however I just realised the site is not SSL secured now… @Tom where are you lately?

Pretty sure I mentioned something like this too; a few years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, actually it’s not - just - a missing publisher, but more a signed signature and the date published and also the amount it has been reported as safe to Microsoft through the SmartScreen feature.

Software development is full of hurdles.

Happy Coding!

We’re aware. We’re actually in the process of getting rid of the installer in favor of doing everything through NuGet.

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I just hope that’s not the only method though…

No, we should have gotten the installer signed, but there’s really no point in doing that now that we plan to remove it.

What do you mean removing it?


sorry :innocent:

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The funny thing is, I did the same thing in a group chat earlier this morning :stuck_out_tongue:

As in we won’t have an installer anymore. Instead users will consume MG exclusively through NuGet (or from source). That means dotnet templating for templates, dotnet tools for tooling and NuGet packages for the runtime libs.

Well, I hope there are comprehensive guides, still think an installer should be provided, NuGET is still a puzzle to me to be frank and I am concerned it would mean no templates or projects for UWP. out of the box…

One should consider, just because ‘I’ can do it, does not mean everyone can do it…

I remain in need of reassurance there, otherwise I may as well jump ship, I really want MG to be a thing…

And I just got Video working ….

It is so much easier :slight_smile:
We’re doing this for convenience, for users and maintainers.
VS templates will still be provided with an extension from the VS marketplace. Because of the big change this is we’ll write comprehensive docs.

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Thank you both for your replies. I too noticed that this website is not secured. Something wrong with the certificate? The installer was nice and convenient I must say. But, if the new process will be equally convenient and easy to use, then I suppose there isn’t any reason to keep both methods.
Thanks! - Todd

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