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Hi guys. I would like to help contribute to the development of monogames. The problem is I have little knowledge of git. I know how to fork / clone a branch and comit changes to my local copy but I have no idea on how to submit any of my changes.

Any help or links to resources would be appreciated.

Thank you.



Nice that you want to contribute :slight_smile:

Once you have made changes in your branch, there’s not much to setting up a pull request (pr). And if you want to make changes after setting up a pull request you just make those changes to your branch as usual.

GitHub has great resources for all this stuff.

Also if you’ve recently pushed to a branch in your fork and go to the MonoGame repo in your browser there will be a button (you can’t miss it) for setting up a pull request from that branch.

If you don’t know where to start feel free to open issue in the repo :slight_smile:

If you just want to be productive, I would recommend some sort of GUI application instead of a command-line-interface (CLI).

Here are my personal favourites ranked by my personal bias of “ease of use”:

  • GitKraken: free for most situations; my personal favourite for macOS
  • SourceTree: completely free
  • GitExtensions: completely free; slightly more difficult to setup on macOS / Linux

When ever I try to do anything it says permission denied. What am i doing wrong?

What are you doing exactly? You shouldn’t push to the MonoGame repo. You should only push changes to your fork and open a pull request using GitHub.

I was having a moment of brain fog. All sored now Thanks

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