Good renaming convention

I recently had to start my project over since I was having problems with visual studio online,
and it doesn’t support deleting changesets.

But I was just wondering what is a good naming convention that you guys use for things like solutions projects and your game1.cs?

I named my solution the name of my overall game project.
I named my project “Game” since it will be the game section of the solution.
I can’t use “Main” for game1.cs since that seems to be taken by monogame in program.cs.

I can come up with names.
but I was wondering what you guys do when creating new projects?

what do you name your solution?
what do you name your projects?
what do you rename your game1.cs?

I am new and I want to learn good practices when creating games.

If my game is called something like “Foo: The Chronicles of Bar” and it was for Android, I would name the solution Foo.Android.sln and the project Foo.Android.csproj. The Game class would be called FooGame. You may prefer to have one solution for multiple platforms, so in this case I would keep the project the same name as above, but the solution would be Foo.sln. This solution would contain a project for each platform, such as Foo.Android.csproj, Foo.iOS.csproj, Foo.DesktopGL, Foo.UWP.csproj, etc.

I really want a game called “Foo: The Chronicles of Bar” now :stuck_out_tongue:


Open source MonoGame project title.

ok so what if its just a cross platform desktop project?
I names my solution Zelda Oracles of Link
and my Project Zelda.Game
and my game1 class ZeldaGame

the problem is that I have a game class inside my game project that inherits from game which is a build in class in monogame.

I’m trying to name it something I will remember but it doesn’t like it