GPU Usage goes down while running the game with dotTrace Performance Profiler

I am currently working on a 2d game and wanted to measure its performance. The Windows Task Manager (Windows 10) shows ~4% CPU and ~25% GPU usage while running the game. If I run the game through the dotTrace Performance Profiler with the GPU profiler enabled the GPU usage of the game goes down to ~5%. MSI Afterburner shows the same values. If I unlock the fps of the game the GPU usage goes up to ~98% and the game runs at ~1500fps (compared to 60fps). I get the ~1500fps while running the game normal or with the dotTrace Performance Profiler. So I am thinking that the programs are just showing the wrong GPU usages or is there another explanation?

Do they tell you what the numbers are? If they’re just the generic load query than they’re not worth much.

Lower-load isn’t necessarily a good thing and could just as easily mean there are CPU issues with keeping the GPU saturated or other processes (like a profiler updating graphs constantly and nagging the system for query counters) are snatching GPU time (or the time to talk to the GPU), as it does that the GPU isn’t sweating from the work given.

You pretty much have to have a real problem in order to start even looking at things.

Windows Task Manager and MSI Afterburner show the load of the gpu with the current core clock. So when playing the game the gpu clock goes down because the gpu is not doing much. But because of the lower clock the gpu load for the current clock goes up. The dotTrace Performance Profiler probably sets the clock of the gpu up so it can be messured right. So now I know that I should not look at the task manager if I want to messure the performance of my game.

Are you on a laptop? It may be Optimus that applies this side effect.
Maybe there is a sort of ‘energy saver’ that lowers clock.
I’m still on win7, but in win10 there may be an energy option where you can tell to not save energy on a ‘performance’ profile, which i set up everytime I installed a desktop with win7 to max. performances

I remember an old tool: rivatuner, which allowed to change the default clock speed of GPUs, but i dunno if it still works nowadays.

No I am on a normal PC with a GTX 1060. I think all newer cards do have varying clock speeds depending on the load. In the Power Options in windows you can only change the min/max clock speed of the cpu but not the gpu.