Graphic adapter defaults to on-board intel


I wrote a small windows GL game at home on a desktop PC with and AMD GPU and everything runs smooth. The amd GPU is set to be the preferred device from bios, over the on board one.

Now to the laptop, where the issue really is. I’ve got and Dell XPS with a nvidia 555M GPU and intel hd 3000 on-board display adapters. My game runs very poorly on the laptop and I noticed that calls are made to ig4icd32.dll after running a performance analysis from visual studio 2012. This made me think that it is using the intel device instead of nvidia.

Is there a way to enumerate all the adapters and pick one for my game and set it up for the GraphicsDeviceManager construction? Or some other way to select the nvidia device?

Please let me know if anything I’ve said is not correct or more information is needed and thank you in advance.

I think your notebook is usin nVidia’s Optimus to switch between the GPUs on the fly, depending on the load. The driver should include a tool to tell which GPU is active.

Haven’t used nvidia for about 4 years now.
You are right, there is a drop down in the nvidia control panel labeled preferred GPU that was set to Auto.
The game is running great on the nvidia GPU and the cooler sounds like a jet engine now :smile:

Thank you for the hint.