GraphicsDevice.Clear() - slow on Android

In a new Monogame Android project, I’m having some weird issues when debugging on my phone. If I time the GraphicsDevice.Clear function called in the draw loop, it takes ~0-1ms as expected when the game first starts, but it slowly ramps up to take 8-12ms on average by about 5 seconds in to running. If I put the phone to sleep and wake it back up, it resets it back down to 0-1ms, but then it ramps back up again same as the initial launch.

I’m unable to reproduce it in the x86 android emulator or in a Cross Platform Desktop project and unfortunately don’t have another physical device handy to test on to see if it happens there too. I’m debugging on a Moto x4 and using Monogame 3.6.

Is this expected for this kind of device or am I doing something wrong that’s causing this?