GRINDER is back! Tons of improvements, and an all new level :-)

Hello world!

I have added a NEW level to my game, complete with new enemies, new features, and new bosses.
Heres som quick sample pics, -but to see the really good stuff, you have to fight your way there.

For a more extensive game description, including pictures of level 1, please go here:
(but dont download from there, its old and cant be edited away)

This post will be a continuation of that one, with some info on all the updates, and a link to the new download. DOWNLOAD LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.

I put a lot of work into this level as well, many, many days and nights, and disposed prototypes… A lot of that is learning to use GIMP I guess, and developing methods to turn out terrain, rather than just turning out terrain.
As before, you monogame people are my only audience, so your opinions and impressions are important to me. I invite you to share any criticism you might have, or problems you may encounter.

MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS / FIXES: (minute dev-side changes not included)
0)This time, there’s an installer to deal with…
1)Terrain collision detection improved. Its VERY nice now. Not at all as cumbersome as the old one, should be smooth on any machine.
2)Player control improved.
Jeep has better jumping reliability (as in COMPLETE reliability), and more intuitive aiming.
Helicopter has better handling, with better acceleration/deceleration.
Note, that if I make the heli controls too tight, they don’t feel floaty enough to represent flight. It becomes “moving an icon” instead of “changing the direction of a helicopter”…
3)Reduced texture sizes and Draw-loads considerably. Every frame should perform better.
4) improved particle systems. Some cpu loads decreased by 50%…!

Desert sun-down.
Contains my first shaders: Foreground crystals that distort the image behind them, and a heat wave effect to match the desert. The crystals are tribute to starcraft.

Enter the mines to sneak past some of the enemy formations, or go above ground for more grind.
co-op players can split up if they want.

Jump aboard the ore-train, and enjoy a smooth, free ride to WIN.

sand tunneling vehicles, a mid-boss that can’t be destroyed (but still gives you points), mini-drones,
fire-bunkers, dune-leapers, and a kick-ass end-boss… Also most old enemies have a new secondary skin to match the desert…

Give it a try! ITS FREE :slightly_smiling:

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Its fixed now, but those of you who downloaded before this post might need to hit ‘ENTER’ during gameplay to actually switch to level 2… Yeah, it was a testing thing that slipped by. It happens.