GUI Controls for MonoGame Extended

Hello. I am currently in the process of developing an extended set of GUI style controls for use in MonoGame and I’m curious if anyone would be interested in looking at them. They were originally designed
in XNA 4.0 and I have been working to bring them into the MonoGame arena. Currently I have a command button, Checkbox, Radio Button, Label, Textbox, and a NumericUpDn control. Future plans call for a ProgressBar, StatusStrip, ToolTip, MessageBox, ListBox, HScrollBar, VScrollBar,
HSlider, VSlider, OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, and a MenuStrip. I would be very interested in working to combine my project into the MonoGame.Extended project., if interested.
Im also have a control group manager and a screen manager that allows the changing from one screen to another by use of the mentioned command button.

Hey @Jerry_Price

We currently have a working port of Nuclex GUI and another work in progress GUI that I’m currently working on.

That said, we’re always interested in what else is out there. If you want to contribute to the library, either by incorporating some of your own GUI code or otherwise helping to improve the existing code your contributions are welcome.

The library is going through some heavy changes lately, so it might not be clear exactly how your code fits into it. So rather than just hacking away, probably best to raise an issue so that we can discuss ideas in more detail first. GUI systems tend to be rather big after all.

I am taking a look at the Nuclex GUI port now. First impressions; Very interesting.

Cloned the project to my repositrory (CyberJester) and cloned a copy to my system but the project will not build. VS says that the package is intalled, but I get “Error 24 Invalid option ‘6’ for /langversion; must be ISO-1, ISO-2, 3, 4, 5 or Default K:\Visual Studio 2013 Projects\MonoGame.Extended-develop\Source\MonoGame.Extended\CSC MonoGame.Extended”. Using Windows 7 Ultimate w SP1.

It looks like you’re using VS2013. While it might be possible to get it working I highly recommend installing VS2015 or above.

There’s a guide on the wiki.