Guide for a Cross-Platform Solution with Continuous Integration

Hi game developers and contributors,

I was long searching for an up-to-date guide on how to do two things for a new project from the start:

  • Set up a solution for multiple platforms (desktop + mobile)
  • Integrate that solution into a Continuous Integration pipeline which builds for all supported platforms.

After spending several days reading through guides which explained parts of that (most outdated), I spent several more days trying things out and documenting them on the way.
As a result, I decided to write an in-depth guide on that topic, which is currently published in my GitHub repository:

The guide is written so that you can start at chapter one and switch to the next chapter at the end of each page. At the same time, this repository contains the end result of the guide.

If you guys think this would be a nice addition to the MonoGame documentation and guide me the right way, I would gladly submit it as a pull request in the right place, and with appropriate formatting.

If you try this guide out and get stuck anywhere, or find an error, reply here or feel free to fork my repo and submit a PR.