Guide to adding post-processing shaders to your game

I have written a short guide about adding post-processing shaders to MonoGame, it’s a simple guide covering the minimal amount of necessary knowledge that assumes you know a little bit about anything. I’ve gotten more RTs and Likes on twitter from this post so I thought “hey, maybe I’ll cross-post here because people might find it useful”.

Here’s the post:

On a side-note, I’ll certainly be writing more pieces on MonoGame in the near future as I go through the trouble of understanding some things in the framework and in shaders in the future and I’d be happy to cross-post those posts here if that’s fine with the rules :). (and since those don’t seem to be written down and I am not a very active user I’d be glad if someone could educate me on whether I am welcome to post those as separate threads or keep one thread for them)


You are welcome to post them in here:

And setting up a single thread for each post might be a good idea…

I like your Compressed List at the bottom, good thinking!