Handle gestures and input on Android

What is the recommended way to handle gestures and input on Android? What are the options? Examples and helper classes welcome.

Away from my laptop now, but cover this in the input manager of my engine…

When I get a chance I’ll post a sample.

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OK, so, with my input manager you can plug in the input types you want, this is the one I have for all touch inputs, so this works on widnows and on Android (well, it worked on Windows when I first wrote it for XNA).

I can then plug it into my input manager like this

and then simply check for that gesture in the Update like this

This works on both my S10 and my Kndel Fire.

Hope this was the sort of thing you were after :slight_smile:


Finally found some time to test it. Works perfectly, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Lots of bits like this in my engine. At the point now where I am going to start putting my editor together. Might do a simple game with it first though :slight_smile: