Has anyone gotten 3D skeletal animations working in MonoGame?

I’ve done some searches, and found the official XNA SkinnedSample, BetterSkinned (which is a dead link) and this: enter link description here , but whenever I try to use them with my project, I’m always stopped by the content manager not importing my .fbx models with the correct tags. For example, after importing SkinnedSample, my code would always stop here:

SkinningData skinningData = model.Tag as SkinningData;

            if (skinningData == null)
                throw new InvalidOperationException
                    ("This model does not contain a SkinningData tag.");

And I assume it’s because the ContentPipeline does not import a .fbx in the same way that XNA would. So I’m wondering, is it even possible to get 3D skeletal animations working in MonoGame 3.5? I know it’s possible to have armature deformation, but I’ve yet to be able to actually use animations I create in Blender.