Has GraphicsDevice.BlendFactor from XNA disappeared in Monogame ?

Hi :slightly_smiling:
As working on my deferred engine and an SSAO effect, and looking into my former engine done with XNA, I was using GraphicsDevice.BlendFactor.
But with my new engine with MonoGame, no way to find any information about it.
Was it replaced by something or is there a tip somewhere I have missed ?


That is just a bug in the API in MonoGame where we don’t match XNA.

Someone submitted the fix a year ago then closed it after 2 days for some reason…

Added BlendFactor property by Chaosus · Pull Request #4142 · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub

… someone just needs to remake that PR to work with the latest code base.

Ok thanks. I will see if I can do a PR for this.