Having an issue with IsKeyDown()

So for some reason out of nowhere, keyboard input has stopped working. I am checking for keyboard in put using Keyboard.GetState().IsKeyDown() in my Update() method and it isn’t working. IsKeyUp works but not IsKeyDown. It’s really frustrating and stressful as I need to hand this in soon so any help would be super appreciated!

Show some code where you are using is key down

This is top of my Update() method, keyboardState is defined at the top of my class

In fact, no input works, I just tested left button down and it doesn’t work either

Just out of curiosity, just to assuage the possibility that there could be a problem elsewhere in the code, could you place a Debug.WriteLine(“Outside”); outside your input check, and a Debug.Writeline(“Inside”); inside your input check. Run your game in debug mode and let me know if both are showing up in the Output console.

Put a couple breakpoints in your code. See where the code is reachibg

May also help if this is OGL or DX and Desktop or UWP specifically, also what device the issue is occurring on, is it a specialised keyboard on some alienware laptop for example… and are you using some special gaming laptop that may be intercepting your inputs for other features…