Hello. I'm new to MonoGames and this errors started to pop up

So I downloaded the Nuget extension and all of these

errors appear in my new project. I’m a little dumb, so if any of you could help I’ll be thankful. I’m using Visula studio 2019

Hi @SonicRushFan Welcome to MonoGame!
So it seems that you are using MonoGame 3.8, which is currently in prerelease. If you believe that you are facing a bug, it would be a good idea to post an issue on the Github repo, otherwise check the documentation for instructions related to 3.8.

As you are new however I would highly recommend that you get started with 3.7 as there are plenty of tutorials out there, and then upgrade to 3.8

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Hey @SonicRushFan and another Welcome to the Forums to you.

Take a look over here:

See that yellow triangle with the ! in it?

But yep, strongly advise you play with 3.7~ Stable release to get familiar with templates and what should be there first. oh and use VS2017 for the stable release.

Do ask for help at any time, there are no stupid questions.

Happy Coding!

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Same recommendation as this post

Also when was the last time you updated VS 2019? That little notification bell in the bottom right corner could mean you have some updates, which may mean you don’t have the .NET Core 3.1 SDK installed.