Hell's Gate - computer version

I’ve released my free computer version of the boardgame “Hell’s Gate”.

Versions for Windows, Linux and OSX.

Hell’s Gate

It’s a World War 2 war game of the battle of the Korsun Pocket on the eastern front in 1944, where the Soviets attempted to surround the German forces.

A bit of a niche area, but if it’s not your thing, you might still be interested in the UI etc all done using monogame and monogame.extended.


Absolutely amazing, sir. Thanks for sharing!

It runs smoothly and reminds me of the good old days where you could simply pick up an EXE file and have fun straightaway without the need of opening a certain “game library client”.

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Thank you very much. The publish feature in Visual Studio is responsible for the install. There is an option to bundle everything into one file. I wish I’d discovered it sooner :slight_smile:

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Probably worth a blog post on your experiences with the tooling in deploying your game :smiley:

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I took a look at the monogame documentation on packaging and it says that packaging everything into a single file is not recommended as it has the following disadvantages:

" it may make app startup take a lot longer if your game is large, and may fail to launch on systems where user permissions don’t allow extracting files".

I did get one report back saying my game took a long time to start so it’s something to bear in mind when delivering this way.

I might throw up a blog on how to setup publish in Visual Studio if I get time. The docs have command line instructions (separate for each OS) - I hate using the command line and there may be more like me :slight_smile: .