Help installing monogame

Using Windows 10 and Visual studio 2017 Professional.
For the past 2 days I have been trying to get Monogame working, unfortunately to no avail.
I have ran multiple installers of 3.6 and some of 3.7 but when creating a new project, Monogame does not show up nor does Monogame Windows Project.
The templates tab also does not exist.
All my experience so far has been with C# using default project types, as such I have no idea what the problem might be nor how to fix it, any help is appreciated.

Did you try with the Community Edition ?

No I have not, is there a difference between the pro and community edition of VS when it comes to MonoGame?

You can not install multiple installations only instance of MonoGame. I recommend you need download MonoGame from nuget and you can downgrade if you like 3.,6 or 3.7. :slight_smile: Enjoy your development!

I have the community on my computer and enterprise at work. And at work we have some templates that do not work, while working on the comm. Edition :unamused:

I was unable to get it to work with the automatic installer and the nuget package manager.

In the end the solution with visual studio was the following steps:
Download the MonoGame dll’s
Create a console application.
Go to the properties of the project and set it to windows application.
Drag the dll’s into the project bin and add a reference to MonoGame.Framework.dll in the UI project of your solution.
Create a class and let it inherit from Game.
Go to Program.cs and instantiate your class.
Then add YouClassName.Run();
You can now follow the tutorials.