Help making MonoGame.Forms project

Hi I’m trying to start a new MonoGame.Forms project using the instructions from their github (github link) and I’ve run into problems in just the first few steps.
I’ve made a new Windows Forms project (C# 6.0) and have installed the MonoGame.Forms.DX NuGet package. But for some reason the standard Content folder does not exist, and I can’t inherit from MonoGame.Forms.Controls.MonoGameControl like it wants me to in step 2 because the project doesn’t recognize it.
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I’ve also tried doing the same thing on C# 5.0 and also tried loading standard Monogame DX and the MonoGame content pipeline NuGet packages first before adding MonoGame.Forms and I’ve gotten the same issue. Am I missing something?
Really interested in trying this out if I can get it to work, any help is appreciated.

After much trial and error, I’ve got it to work by using a Windows Form App using the .NET Framework rather than one with newer versions of C#. Not sure if this was documented and I missed it, but either way the issue was resolved.
Posting for conclusion in case anyone runs into the same problem.

If you want to know the why: by newer versions of C#, you likely mean .NET 5+, which are cross platform runtimes. since winforms is windows only, it is not included in these sdks

Sorry in advance for my english

Can you elaborate on how to fix this issue?

Thank you.

If I recall correctly, my issue was I was trying to use Monogame Forms with C# version .Net 5.0 or greater, which is cross platform, but Monogame Forms is windows only and so they were incompatible. I fixed my issue by downgrading my C# version to .NetFramework.