Help: MonoGame Addin 3.5.1 can't be loaded due to missing dependencies (Xamarin Studio)

Hi all, new to the community. Not sure when this problem started, as I successfully made a simple Pong clone a few weeks ago. When I realized I was having issues with the Pipeline package not being installed, I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling MonoGame and the Pipeline. (In the meantime, I also updated Unity to v5.4.2, but I doubt that’s at all related??).

I now get this error in Xamarin (see screenshot):

Seems my MonoDevelop version is too far ahead? Again, I’m in Xamarin Studio, and only even have MonoDevelop because of Unity. I know the two are related, but I didn’t think this would affect anything. So it’s probably a Xamarin thing, right??

Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated! =)

I have the same issue. I installed Xamarin Studio 6.1.4 (build 1). Then I installed MonoGame 3.5. But the add-in won’t load:

This add-in can’t be loaded due to missing dependencies

MonoGame Addin

The following dependencies required by this add-on are not available:
Required: MonoDevelop.Core v5.0, found v6.1.4
Required: MonoDevelop.Ide v5.0, found v6.1.4

Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this?

Seems like it could be related to this issue:

If anyone else is having this issue, it appears to be fixed in v3.6 of MonoGame, which is currently available as a developer build.

I was able to install the plugin by manually downloading the Mac mpack from here:

…and then choosing “Install from file…” and pointing it to the mpack file on my local file system. This got everything to load up properly in Xamarin 6.1.4. This is where I found the solution:

The add-in says it’s version so I’m not sure if that correlates to MonoGame 3.6 developer build that Utsira was talking about. I might just be suggesting the same solution as he was.