Help requested converting points and lines into taxiways

I am importing open sourced airports from FSX into my editor so I can detail them and export into the game.

I have already done other formats which had their own particular problems.

This data defines taxiways as an array of vertices and an array of lines.

The lines are literally one segment long, so point 33 to point 32994. They do have some other data in them like taxiway type, bit it’s not really a nice format to define the taxiways in.

What I want to do is convert this data into an array of chains and junctions.

Then convert the chains into splines and the junctions into a mesh of triangles.

Obviously adding all the required markings on top of the taxiways isn’t going to be trivial, but at the moment I would be happy just to have nice curved taxiways with nicely textured junctions.

In the back of my mind this is a graphing problem with a well known solution, but I cannot remember anything other than that.

Any of you guys come across anything like this which could give me a clue?

I can just brute force something using the number of connections each vertex has, but I know there is a nice clean well tested solution out there somewhere if my old brain could just drag the key data out of it’s long term storage.

Cheers guys