Help Testing My Game

Hi Everyone.

First off a big thank you to the MonoGames team without them I would not have been able to keep on using XNA. Yey!

Now my game is almost finished but I am looking for people who have Windows Phones that have 1080p screens to test it for me as I only have a HTC8X. I’m mainly concerned about running out of memory on full HD devices and to make sure that my touch points are converted correctly.

The game is Called Old School Racer 2 and is as the name suggest a 2D racing game.

If your interested either replay to this thread or pm me, Ill be distributing via beta test so ill need an email address linked to your windows phone.

Iv uploaded some screen shoots of the game.

Looks awesome!
I have a lumia 520 for testing if you want it tested on a low spec device.

It needs to be the email address linked to you Microsoft account on your phone for it to work. That dose not look like a Microsoft account.

I can test it on my Lumia 625

mail adress is semihmasat { at }

Ah crap, yeah you are right. elite dot danzel at gmail dot com should be it.