Help The Minotaur coming to steam in January


My first game will be released on January 9th on steam on PC. It is a puzzle game made with monogame:

1 player mode:

2 players mode (local):

steam store page:



Looks cool, seems like a perfect mobile game as well. I’ve got it on my wishlist already. Hopefully it takes off, though I don’t actually have experience launching a game, I’d worry how it would stand out in the mass amounts of indie games.

The mobile market system seems almost classist, where only the successful can afford to pay for ads for games that are ultimately manufactured and mediocre, but that’s one big digression. On Steam it only seems like you need to make a high quality game with a trailer that’s eye-catching enough to be successful.

I am not sure to port this game to mobile. Before using monogame, I tried to make a game with spritekit and unity on mobile. But I definitely don’t like control with a touchscreen. And for the 2 players mode, I would need to add networking.
There is no problem if it doesn’t sell. I make it on my free time, I already have a job. Coding is a really great hobby ^^