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Hi, i’ve been looking for some solutions for creating a scaleable multiplayer game. So far i’ve been tinkering around with some C# libraries as C# is the language i’m most familiar with and i want to use Monogame for the client, i’ve found that most big multiplayer games has a server written in one language (often java) then their client is written in another language. I was wondering if i can achieve almost the same scaleability as them while using C# libraries on both server and client and also if there is any downside to using C# instead of Java creating the server. Also if anyone knows a good networking library for C# feel free to let me know!

To help clarify the question i’m not thinking of creating a huge MMO, its gonna be a turn based game with matchmaking.

WCF - Windows Communication Foundation using .NET and C#, the main drawback is that it still mainly runs on Windows systems…

This might help you get started for cross platform hosting:

Is there any advantage of using this instead of a classic library like lidgren on the server side?

Not specifically, it is up to you.


But probably more documentation availability…

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I found this also if anyone else reading might be interested in RPC networking