Help with the Content Pipeline and custom types

Hi, I have just started using Monogame 3.4 on Windows and I have some problem with the Content Pipeline. I am trying to build a custom type in the Pipeline Tool but I am getting “Could not resolve type MyClassName”. I have understood that the tool is missing a description of the class: I have found different sites with tutorials explaining the “Content Pipeline Extension Library” approach but since 3.4 it is not an option anymore (am I right?).

I have seen the “Advanced MonoGame for Windows Phone and Windows Store Games” which part 3 is indeed about “Extending the Content Pipeline” but I don’t totally get the whole procedure that I should follow in order to define a custom content type (I don’t have much experience with Visual Studio). Is the code from the example available?

What I would like to achieve is being able, for example, to initialize a generic class “MyClassName” from an XML file. I have seen some posts about the same topic here on the forum but I can’t fully understand what I should do. Could you suggest me a tutorial or a place where I can find some working code for the last version of Monogame (3.4)?

Create a class library project that contains MyClassName.
Add a reference to this class library project from your game project so it has access to the MyClassName.
Build the class library project.
Open your .mgcb file in the Pipeline Tool.
Select the root node in the tree view.
Edit the References entry in the property grid.
Add a link to your built class library.

Now the content pipeline will know about MyClassName as well.

Thank you very much! I managed to make it work!