Help with Xamarin Studio on the Mac and Monogame

Hi, I am very new to this Xamarin Studio and Monogame on the Mac but I am having problems which hopefully someone can help.
I already have Unity 5 installed which uses Monodevelop but I downloaded and installed the following in this order:

1 - Mono
2 - Xamarin Studio
3 - Monogame 3.5

I did it this way as per instructions I found on the net.
All was going well and I started up Xamarin Studio and found the Monogame apps section, see all the attached pictures below.

I selected Monogame Mac application - Xamarin.mac
However when I selected the name of my project and clicked create nothing appeared to happen and the editor didn’t load.
I pressed the button again and it said that there was already a file named that!
Ok so it did create it.

I pressed cancel and then opened the file into Xamarin Studio and there was the Game1 code for the cornflower blue screen.
I ran the program however it didn’t work, nothing happened but the errors in the pictures.

I can’t seem to get any further.

Any ideas???

Not sure about the cross platform desktop template, but from the screen shots it looks like you are using XS 6.0? The 3.5 version of MonoGame does not work with it. See this post, Stable Build that works out of the box with Xamarin? , for instructions on rolling back. Otherwise, you should add what versions of XS you are working with. Unless you are installing pieces, you shouldn’t have to download Mono, as XS should includes it.

Thanks for the help, I will try this.