Heretic in MonoGame (Wolf3D style raycasting)


I started to use MonoGame in 2013 and I have to admit that I moved to Unity for the next some years as a hobby game developer.
Some weeks ago the Youtube offered me a great tutorial about Doom style development in Python (pygames) so I thought this would be the proper time to come back to MonoGame and try to do the same project with this technology.
Well, yesterday I’ve had some results, please check it if you have some minutes:

Note: in description of video you can find some interesting links of the development steps, GitHub page, playable demo (Windows), and so on.

Thanks for your time!


Well done !!!

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Congrats. I’ll check it later!

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Pretty cool! Though I found the perspective/depth to be a bit disorienting (the “curling” of the walls as you pass them).

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