hi for all, general questions

Hello everyone, I am a game developer in HTML5, I need to climb my development towards a more appropriate technology (I know, it is heresy to you that HTML5 :smile: ), however I appreciate if you can help me with some questions before you start learning monogame.

1- visual studio why you have to choose the type of project? It is supposed to be cross-platform, so that the project appears to create those options? (monogame openGL, monogame Windows)

1.1- for example if I choose monogame windows, Can i then compile for android?

2- in the web environment created a “canvas” object, according to the resolution of the device object to this canvas give two HD sizes: 1600X900 or SD 800x450 pixels, this I do for optimization issues; with monogame can do that?

2.1-course resources for sprites will also in two sizes; Can i load one or other resource depending on the size of the screen?

Mi games on google play :slightly_smiling:

my last project :slightly_smiling:

without frameworks, but here it is because I need monogame, particles, many IA, and a lot of physical operations and GCO (global operations composite)

yes, your code can be converted afterwards to another platform, people talk about it all the time here on the forums and elsewhere, it seems common.

I think there are many reasons for choosing project type.
-Its more than a simple classification, its also a “creation wizard”.

Like it sets the VS interface to match your project type, so you get the drag-and-drop interface for winforms, and the content pipeline, and starting template for monogame…

You can use any canvas size you want in monogame, and adjust it dynamically… switch windowed/fullscreen.

You can also load content at any time you want, depending on anything you want.
Like you could use a switch statement to load differnet sizes, if you want. - and you can reload at any time if the user changes settings…

thanks, i will try with this

Visual studio uses “solutions” in which you can create multiple projects. So there is no problem if you have a project for windows and another one for android. Both sharing some common code in a 3rd project (usually a library/dll) :wink:

thanks, a more question, I see that some classes are not available on all platforms deploy, for example :
Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Design not available to web.

so, what is the policy on the matter:

1- as the ide write the code tells me that kind is not available?

2-at compile time I get error for using that kind?

3-compiles and gives problems at runtime?

4-compile and execution time ignores calls to methods of that class?

Visual Studio’s Intellisense will tell you the function or type is not available.

thanks great, I have not used the visual studio frequently