Hi, new user here.

I have been using XNA for about 12 years. Converted to Mono last year. And I just found this place :slight_smile: (Didn’t see the “community” tab the first time I downloaded mono.)
I make 2D games for my own entertainment.

I have so many questions! Where is the best place for that?

Here is some of them:
Can I “restart” my game from inside the game? I have made some that resets all my “flags” but I need to actually exit my game for it to load my “language” files correctly. I can probably do it manually and find all the little things that needs changing but a hard reset would fix it faster. :slight_smile:

I have some problems with my code, possibly related to floating points and rounding errors, but I have tried to change to double without any luck. Where do I ask about that? (I used “Vector2” for speed and velocity in a space game, and the orbit is just not right. It keeps changing.)

I have problems with “MouseState.X/Y” and full-screen/ non full-screen on all titles that I have converted from XNA. (Still have the same problem on new games, so it might not be related to that.) It seems to be a bit off. Like when I try to get mouse position for a mouse click it seems to be about 29 pixels wrong.

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For restarting the game completely I think the easiest would be to use System.Diagnostics.Process to launch another instance of your game and then exit.

I have had similar issues with mouse position being off in fullscreen. As far as I can tell, when a game is in fullscreen there is still an invisible window used for getting the mouse position. Setting the position of the game window to (0, 0) when switching to fullscreen seemed to resolve the issue.

Hi Milorg,
This forum is a good place to ask questions, just make separate threads for separate questions.
If you found a bug you can also create an issue on the MonoGame GitHub. There’s also a discord channel.

Thank you. Both solutions works great.

lol, that’s pretty good. my solution that I did once, was to write another program that would launch my game. Then to reset, my game would run that other program, and then exit…

I probably never thought to run another instance :slight_smile: