Hide contour rectangle of my sprite

How can i hide contour of my sprite ?

The part of light blue.


You need to set a color key in the monogame pipeline tool:

It seems that you have some very basic question. I recommend to do some tutorials. Please take a look at the link collection in the documentation (as well as at the documentation itself).

You will find a lot of other tutorials in the internet. You can also search for XNA tutorials, because most of them should also work in MonoGame.

I also want to recommend a great list of helpful links regarding game development and MonoGame:

I’m sure it will help you on your way up :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to ask further questions here if you are stuck at some point.



Ok thanks you !
I just finished yesterday the Coursera XNA Monogame Tutorial, and before that OpenClassRooms XNA Monogame Tutorials and many others on youtube,
and now i begin a “personnal project” for training what i learned.
sorry for ask basics questions but my bad english didnt allow to find this question on documentation, trust me before to ask, i past long time to search for that.
But i will do much tryhard more the next time, but i cant spend my day for basics learn :smiley:
Thanks for your help and your links i bookmark that and read that tonight.


No problem at all :slight_smile: You are doing it right.

No need to say sorry - everyone here once was a beginner. It just seemed that you need some basic starting points.

Of course you should come back and ask further questions :wink: We will help.

Have fun learning and playing around with MonoGame :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

so i tried to change

“ColorKeyColor” :

  • 00FFFFFF (RGBA : 255, 255, 255, 0)
    -00000000 (RGBA : 0,0 ,0 ,0)

“ColorKeyEnabled” :
True or False

“PremultiplyAlpha” :
True or False

I tried all possibilities because i dont understand what means specificly “PremultiplyAlpha” and more,
i think the documentation are not very much explicit :

because some others guys have same problem and he can’t solve :

This is the texture :

Edit: I partially understand what PremultipliedAlpha utility and i understand it’s not my problem, but i tried to change his value because i was desesperate :smile:

You can set premultiply alpha to none. Then open up your current paint program whatever it is and fill that light blue area via overwrite to color 0 0 0 0 r g b a respectively. Then it will not be drawn under spritebatch.
I don’t use pre-multiplyed alpha myself. You may want to additionally set up spritebatch to use point clamp ect… point.

No thx its not efficient.
I find solution at my problem but in french, i put it here if someone speak french are same problems in the future :