Hospital Visit!!

I have a 3 month+ hospital visit coming up next week. Apart from Arrgghh, I need to get a new laptop setup quickly so I can keep my mind from turning to absolute mush.

I’ve had terrible problems trying to get Monogame working with VB before, somewhere in the old guts of the Monogame forum should be my old posts with the information I need to get going. But time is of the essence.

How can I search the forum for all “my” posts? I’ve found the magnifying glass to be useless, is there a hidden secret way to find them? I really don’t understand why this place doesn’t have a better search option.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

click your name. (actually in some browsers, you’ll have to click right button, open in a new window). Just in case it doesn’t work:

I hope everything goes well! :slight_smile: