HotDog post my attempt at a 2d image cel shader.

So i been playing around with shaders lately and this was my next shot.
I always thought that cell shaders in 3d looked cool but i wanted to see if i could make one directly for 2d or even images so i made a pretty nice function to do variable pixel differencing on the fly aka outlining. Here is fire cartooned.

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Cell shading is making quite the comeback lately, is it possible for you to blend the refraction shader and this? thus giving you animated Cell Shaded Fire…… :fire:

Yes im doing that in the three tests on the right all three are in motion. They are all the same image going thru slightly different versions of the cell shader. (top left is the original image).

Not sure im happy with it yet pretty sure i can make it a bit better. It seems harder to do it in 2d then it would be in 3d because its really a 3d technique so im trying to mimic that, but it’s starting to look better and the function can be tweeked per draw. Different types of images seem to draw better or worse with different settings the water looks amazing under refraction and the cell shader though. water under refraction with this artifical cel shading almost looks real.

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