HotReload of an effect / shader


Gj, honestly at this point I couldn’t imagine working without hot reload shaders.

It is all based on Hot Swappable Shaders for MonoGame · GitHub
by @jackmott :slightly_smiling_face:
So thanks to him I managed to get it working with MonoGame 3.81.
Actually I have some questions about mgcb because now I use a globally installed mgcb. I could not get it to work with the project‘s mgcb for some reason. But for the moment this is fine since it works and for playing around and perhaps record some video this is ok. When I find more time I can come back and hopefully make it work without using the globally installed mgcb.
Main reason I wanted to have it is because I had some projects where the build took like forever and during shader development and testing these build times add up too much. Second reason was I like shadertoy and wanted to have something like that but for MonoGame where I can just play around with effects.