How applicable are various XNA books/tutorials to learning current MonoGame?


I’m new to everything and I am trying to get my head around how closely tied monogame and XNA 4.0 are together.

Since I can’t seem to find books on Monogame on Amazon, and compared to youtube videos or tutorials on XNA it’s literally a drop in the bucket, I am wondering how much benefit vs how much confusion I would get if I tried learning by buying highly rated XNA 4.0 books. In other words, the internet’s tubes get clogged with old information and for a lot of things that’s just fine and wonderful. But with computer science, stuff is changing so quickly that it’s kind of important to understand what’s currently going on and if you’re new it’s hard to find out where that wave front is.

Will I run into weird problems because of changes from monogame? Will it be exactly the same? I’m sure this question will be super easy to answer as I learn more and I would really like to try getting a good book or two…but I’m afraid of buying something that I realize doesn’t quite match up or work with modern monogame + visual studio 2015.

A lot of the tutorials are for Visual Studio 2010 and XNA 4.0 or something like that. I actually heard of XNA before and was trying to get it to work with Visual Studio 2015 but it seemed like I needed a shoe horn…and then I came across monogame and everything seemed to just work.

I think (but don’t know) that Monogame is some kind of wrapper for XNA 4.0 that both continues to support its integration with Visual Studio 2015 (and beyond) as well as potentially allowing your game to run on more than just Windows…and since XNA 4.0 is at its core and hasn’t really changed since MIcrosoft abandoned it in 2010 (?), books about XNA 4.0 should still be useful.

Or am I way off?

Alternatively, maybe someone knows some great books / tutorial sites / youtube series / MOOCs etc to learn Monogame in Visual Studio 2015 and C# and could share that as well.


Books on XNA (whatever the final version was) will directly apply to monogame. From the perspective of your game code, it does not know the difference between xna and monogame and should behave identically built against either. The exception to this is the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Net namespace, which contains things that may not even apply to some platforms (how to show your xbox profile avatar on an ipad?).

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Very helpful! Thank you.

The way MonoGame does content building is slightly different (i.e not Content Project) but the way you actually write the game code is the same and will translate easily.