How can I add Farseer Phyiscs Engine to a Monogame project?

I want to add Farseer Phyiscs Engine(3.5) to a Monogame Windows Phone 8 project. But I always get the following error message if I try to add Farseer to my solution.

This edition of Visual Studio only supports Windows Store apps.
The operation could not be completed.

What is wrong? How can I add Farseer Physics Engine to a Monogame Windows Phone 8 project?
I use Monogame 3.2 and Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows.

The simplest way is create a folder in your main project call it farseer and put all the farseer code there. this will stop any conflicts with mono and xna. You will probably have to put XNA in the build parameters as farseer has XNA compiler instuctions

Which parameters should I change?

Go to properties on your project. Select the build tab and add XNA to the Conditional compliation symbols.

You may still have to fix some error but that should get you started.

What version of Farseer are you using?

I created a MonoGame Windows Phone 8 project in Visual Studio 2013 Professional and added Farseer Physics Engine 3.5 to my solution. But when I try to add a reference to Farseer, I always get this error message:

Unable to add the specified project reference. The reference must be a Windows Phone project that targets the current or earlier version of the Windows Phone OS.

What is wrong? How can I add a reference to Farseer Physics Engine?