How can i bend a texture or a sprite?

I would like to perform same effect as shown bellow.

i would like to have render target and the result will be rendered on screen warp or bend effect.

thank you for any help

I think the only way to do this is to map it to a polygon, then change the dimensions of the polygon. I don’t think you can do this with just a spritebatch.

You can do this with just a SpriteBatch. Render everything you want distorted into a RenderTexture (or just render your whole scene into a RenderTexture if everything should be distorted) then apply a simple distortion Effect (adjust texture sample coordinates based on distance from center point).

That’s true, I suppose if you want to do it to the whole image and not just certain elements, the full screen effect would certainly do the trick.

Or you could just pass sprite batch a basic effect with a perspective projection matrix and view matrix that is set up right when you draw the menus without the distortion effect just let the perspective projection matrix do its thing, So have two basic effects one orthagonal for the background the other perspective for the foreground,

Primes answer is probably simpler if your not familiar with working in 3d,