How can I check for Shader Modell support on the User's Computer?

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me again. I remember vaguely seeing some #define stuff in some HLSL files, but I can’t seem to find good results on Google. How can I determine what Shader Model the user’s computer supports? (Specifically - does he support SM5)?

You can kinda go off the GraphicsDevice.GraphicsProfile which returns HiDef for anything that supports SM 4.0 and above. There isn’t however anything specific for SM5 testing.

We’ve had a long standing issue to resolve this, but no work has been done:

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You could also use some c++ to query directx and returns the graphics card’s specs. And call this dll from c#. (exactly what i currently do)

Well, if the program crashes, I can tell you that the graphics card doesn’t support shader model 1-2… X_x