How can I compile my game to vpk for hacked PSvita?

I have some personal private projects that I would like to deploy to vita
I don’t want to publish anything (atm) I just want to mess around and see what I can do with vita

There is almost no information on homebrew. I found one old tutorial
But I couldn’t make it work and it also requires a dev licence

I’ve also found VitaSDK but it is for c++ not c#

There are some links to PlayStation Mobile studio(PSM) and PS Suite but all of the download links are broken. Like it has been discontinued

Can somebody help?

One word, ‘Proprietary’

From the Monogame Documentation:

MonoGame also supports a number of Game Consoles. The templates and source for these platforms are not publicly availalbe. However they are available to developers registered with the appropriate developer programs.
Consoles (for registered developers)
PlayStation 4 (Sony)
PlayStation Vita (Sony)
Xbox One (both UWP and XDK) (id@xbox)
Nintendo Switch (Nintendo)

Note that it mentions that you have to be registered to develop for these consoles.

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