How can i do if i need very large range of words?


it is too huge to build content. Is there any way to render words like unity3d or cocos2d-x ,dont need build font?

I think the only easy way to render text is using fonts.
What do you mean by “it is too huge to build content” and is there any reason to not build fonts?

the range from 19968 to 40895 is too big,it cant be success to build to xnb . Or it will even big.

i means i’d like to just use ttf file that i don’t have to build xnb. Something like if player want to write his own name use chinese words or chat with chinese words. build spritefont from 19968 to 40895 is too big.

I see, so you are including a bunch of country specific characters? maybe you can write your own contentImporter and split that by country/region. You would have to manage that in the chat, ie: draw each chat line with the specific char set.

This is the only hindrance to use monogame and cocos2d-xna。。 T_T

Take a look at this post, it may be helpful:

Also note the linked XNA sample in that post, which I believe lets you use your localisation resource files as input to the sprite font builder to build a font that has only the characters used by your project. That won’t solve the problem of rendering arbitrary characters input by the user though. A runtime TTF font renderer would be a very useful addition to MonoGame indeed!