How can I hide files in the solution explorer?

I was wondering if there was a way I could hide files (such as app.manifest or packages.config) from the solution explorer on the right side of the screen. To me they’re kind of an eyesore when going through my files, and I would love to know of a way I can simply hide them.

You can exclude them but then you need them to run your code…

You can put them in another folder, then collapse that folder. You’ll just have to update your solution to include the new path. The .sln file is basically XML, so it’s fairly readable.

Where in the soulution do I do this?

Also I shoved them in a folder inside the game files called “.ExtraFiles”, and the game still works perfectly well. The icon appears, and the game runs.

It sounds like it got done automatically when you moved them, so you’re good :slight_smile: